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Diseases Affecting Australian Women's Health

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Are GP Phone Consultations the new normal?

In today’s world, women’s health is constantly being challenged every day with internal and external influences. It’s more important than ever to ensure we look after ourselves.  The unfortunate reality is – we are getting older. With over 51% of Australia’s population being women, the health challenges faced by women today differ to that of men. Latest Australian statistics show the health issues that affect women the most include:

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This service is not only limited to normal consults, patients can now access chronic disease management and mental health item numbers as well.

What can you do to achieve a healthier you?

Prevention is always better than the cure and this is where Vitalia Healthcare can help you and your family. 

Getting your health assessed by your GP doesn’t cost you a thing. We are a Bulk Billing medical centre; let us help you.

Regular health checks for women's health issues include:

Disease / Condition

Who to Test?

Type of Test

Frequency of Checks

Bowel Cancer

Breast Cancer

Cervical Cancer

Patients 50 – 74yrs

Women of any age at average risk

Women 25 – 74yrs

Faecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT)



Every 2yrs

Ongoing self-assessment

Every 5 years but women that are at an increased risk of cervical cancer may need more frequent testing.

High Blood Pressure

Patients over 18yrs

Blood pressure management

At least every 2yrs

High Cholesterol

Patients 45yrs and older

Cholesterol and triglyceride blood tests

Every 5yrs

Cardiovascular Disease

Patients 45yrs and older

A risk assessment is completed first then depending on the results further blood tests and an ECG may be required.

Low risk =  2 years
Moderate risk = 6-12 months
High risk = as advised by your doctor

Diabetes 2

Patients 45yrs and older

Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment tool

Every 3yrs

Hearing impairment

Patients 65yrs and older

Hearing assessment

Every 2yrs

Kidney Disease

Patients that smoke, are obese, that have Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease

Kidney Health Check including checking the blood pressure, urine test to test protein and a kidney function test

Every 1 – 2yrs


Patients 18yrs and older

BMI and waist circumference test

Average risk = every 2 years
Increased risk = every year

Sexually transmitted infections (STI’s)

All sexually active patients under the age of 30 years

Test depends on infection trying to be confirmed

Recommended testing frequency depends on level of risk

If you or your family has a history of any of the aforementioned conditions, there are management plans and team care arrangements that the GP can help you setup to assist with these conditions. In some cases if the GP deems it necessary to involve an Allied Health provider, Medicare will also pay for the first three visits with that health care provider.

Make a GP appointment today and let us help you, don’t let little things turn into big things.

Mental Health, Chronic Disease & Health Management

Don't forget to wash your hands...

What does this mean for the patient?

If a patient is eligible and has signs of a chronic disease such as arthritis, asthma, back pain, cancercardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes or mental health conditions. Depending on their prognosis they can now access the following over the phone:

Do I need to pay for GP Phone Consultations ?

If you have one of the following there will be no out of pocket expenses:​

What do I do next?

We at Vitalia Healthcare want to help you. Book online here for an initial phone consult so the doctor can assess if you are eligible.

If you are eligible a subsequent phone consult will be booked with the doctor to complete the applicable plan.

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