Mixed Billing

Vitalia Healthcare is a mixed billing clinic
Important: Update to Vitalia Healthcare Fees Effective 22nd July 2024

We understand the importance of affordable healthcare, and that’s why we’ve held off any fee increases for over 12 months. However, due to rising operational costs, we’re making a small adjustment to our fees to ensure we can continue providing the high-quality care you deserve.

The good news:
Children under 16 and under and concession card holders will continue to be bulk billed during weekdays.

Vitalia Healthcare remains committed to offering competitive rates and excellent service.
New Fees (weekdays)

Standard Consult Fee – $75.00
Medicare Rebate – $42.85 Gap – $32.15
Long Consult Fee – $115.00
Medicare Rebate – $82.90 Gap – $32.10

Good News for our valued patients with OSHC and OVHC cover
Adults (17 and over): You will continue to pay the gap fee for your consult.
Children (16 and under): Will enjoy visits with no out-of-pocket cost during weekdays!

What does mixed billing refer to?

Mixed-billing means that some patients will have a ‘gap payment’ for appointments. A gap payment is an out-of-pocket cost that is the difference between the practice’s private fee and your Medicare rebate.

For our practice, patients eligible for a Medicare rebate will incur an out-of-pocket cost of between $25.00 – $32.15 for your standard and long consults during weekdays, however, some patients (children, pensioners and concession card holders) will continue to be bulk-billed during weekdays.

Other item numbers used (see below) may incur additional charges.

young man removes his blood during a venesection

Why did we change to mixed billing?

The decision to move to mixed billing was not taken lightly. 

The reality is our healthcare system is not sustainable for medical centres to complete 100% bulk-billing long term and providing quality health care. We have held out in hope of reforms to Medicare that have never come and the returns we receive from Medicare simply do not cover the cost of operating as a practice, let alone as a practice that prides itself on providing the highest quality of primary healthcare humanly possible.

We are committed to maintaining and improving the quality of healthcare we provide and have had to take this step in order to protect the sustainability of our practice.

We cannot thank you enough for your ongoing support of our practice – in the past and into the future as we make this transition.

Access the Government’s Medical Cost finder website here to compare details of various procedures and prices.

When does bulk-billing still apply?

Access to healthcare is very important to us. Therefore, certain patients will continue to be bulk-billed during weekdays (Saturdays and Public Holidays Practice Fees apply all patients).

children's health in Australia - gp fees are bulk on weekdays for children

Patients who will continue to be bulk-billed are:

  • Children 16 years or younger
  • All COVID-19 Vaccinations
  • Flu vaccines
  • Pension Card holders
  • Health Care card holders
  • Commonwealth Senior card holders
  • Patients getting a GP Management Plan
  • DVA Patients

How will the fee be processed?

You will be charged the full private fee to your credit or debit card at the end of your appointment. Please note that we do not accept cash and do not keep cash on the premises.

We can then electronically process your Medicare rebate on your behalf. If you are paying by debit card, the rebate appears in your account on the same day of the consult, if you pay by credit card the rebate should appear in your bank account within 1-2 business days. We recommend that you ensure your bank details are up-to-date on MYGOV to avoid any delays in receiving your rebate.

What happens if I have overseas students or visitors cover (but not Medicare)?

You will be charged the gap fee only to your credit or debit card at the end of your appointment. Please note that we do not accept cash and do not keep cash on the premises.

We can then electronically process your insurance rebate on your behalf with your respective overseas private health insurance company.

Do you charge private fees on Saturdays?

Yes we do, on Saturdays all appointments are charged a private fee. 

Saturday Fees - All Patients

Item NumberDescriptionPractice Fee 
23B – Consult < 20 min$85.00 (Medicare rebate is $42.85)
36C – Consult > 20 min < 40 min$125.00 (Medicare rebate is $82.90)
44D – Consult > 40 min$165.00 (Medicare rebate is $122.15)

Patients with Overseas Student / Visitors Cover

The gap payment changed to the following on 22/07/24

Item Number


Practice Fee 


B – Consult < 20 min

$75.00 ($32.15) gap payable after the consult for OSHC and OVHC patients only)


C – Consult > 20 min < 40 min

$115.00 ($32.10) gap payable after the consult for OSHC and OVHC patients only)


D – Consult > 40 min

$156.00 ($33.85) gap payable after the consult for OSHC and OVHC patients only)



$54.00 ($14.10) gap payable after the consult for OSHC and OVHC patients only)



$31.95 ($14.10) gap payable after the consult for OSHC and OVHC patients only)

Public Holiday Doctor's Fees

Applies to all patients including Children and Concession Card Holders

Item Number


Practice Fee 


B – Consult < 20 min

$100.00 (Medicare rebate is $55.80 )


C – Consult > 20 min < 40 min

$150.00 (Medicare rebate is $95.70)


D – Consult > 40 min

$165.00 (Medicare rebate is $134.20)



$60.00 (Medicare rebate is $19.25)



$40.10 (Medicare rebate is $17.15)


  • Please ensure you bring your Medicare Card and Concession Cards to your appointments. It is practice policy to check at every appointment.
  • Overseas Students welcome – please make sure you bring your private health fund/digital cards as well as the student cards to the consult. If you have BUPA, Medibank, AHM, IMAN, NIB or Allianz Overseas student or visitors cover, you will be charged a gap only.  If you have any other private health overseas covers, payment will be required after the consult. Please note patients with NIB and IMAN overseas private health cover, if you don’t bring your digital card or physical card to the doctors consult, you will be required to pay for the doctors consult in full and then claim it back from NIB or IMAN.
  • Walk-ins are always welcome at Vitalia Healthcare, all patients will be triaged by our staff and given an appointment suitable to the urgency of the matter.
  • Veteran Affair patients are always welcome and there will be no charge to the patient as long as you have a valid Veteran Affairs Card.  Have you left the defence forces since the 1st July 2019 and completed at least one day full time service, then you will be eligible for the Annual Veteran Health Check. A comprehensive physical and mental health assessment that provides a structured plan to assist with helping to resolve your healthcare needs, covered by DVA no out of pocket expenses for the health assessment.
  • Telephone consults are available to patients that have seen one of our doctors face to face within the last 12 months.

Worker's Compensation & Motor Vehicle Claims

  • Vitalia Healthcare welcomes workers compensation and motor vehicle patients.   When making an appointment please choose the appropriate appointment type for your appointment and bring your claim number to the appointment. Please note if this is your first workers compensation or MVIT consultation, you will be required to pay for the consult in full till the claim is registered and you obtain a claim number.

GP Cancellation Fee

  • If an appointment is missed, a non-attendance fee of $40 will be charged to the patient. To avoid this fee please notify us at least two hours prior to your appointment time if you are unable to attend.


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