Functional Medicine

Finding and treating the root cause of an ailment

The underlying cause of your disease

Functional medicine Australia is a healthcare approach that focuses on treating the underlying causes of disease, rather than just managing symptoms. It takes a holistic view of the individual, considering their diet, lifestyle, genetics, and environment to create a personalized treatment plan.

  • Focus on Prevention
  • Individualised Care
  • Evidence-based
  • Integrative
  • Improved health outcomes
  • Reduced Healthcare costs
  • Increased patient satisfaction

Your unique biology, lifestyle & environment

Functional medicine takes a comprehensive, personalised approach to promoting optimal health and preventing disease.

Rather than treating symptoms alone, functional medicine practitioners aim to get to the root causes of illness by understanding each patient’s unique biology, lifestyle, and environment.

Nutrition and lifestyle

A key focus is on prevention through nutritional and lifestyle changes.

Practitioners may recommend regular exercise, stress management, adequate sleep, and an anti-inflammatory diet to help patients maintain wellness and resilience. Treatment plans are tailored to the individual, not one-size-fits-all.

  • Regular exercise
  • Stress Management
  • Adequate sleep
  • Anti-inflammatory diet
Practitioners such as our own Dr Kate Schilling will recommend elements of the above to maintain wellness and resilience. Treatment plans are tailored to the individual, not one-size-fits-all.
functional medicine and its root causes graphic

Evidence-based intervention

Functional medicine practitioners use evidence-based interventions from both conventional and alternative medicine. This integrative approach combines the best of modern scientific knowledge with natural healing traditions. The goal is complete mind-body health and vitality.

ADHD Assessments

If you are concerned that you or your child may have ADHD, it is important to see a doctor or mental health professional to be screened first. Early diagnosis and treatment can make a big difference to your overall health and wellbeing.

Dr Kate Schilling

Talk with Dr Schilling about the DIVA 5.0 ADHD Assessment
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The whole-person methodology of functional medicine is gaining popularity in Australia for its emphasis on patient-centered care. Studies show it can successfully prevent and treat chronic conditions like autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, and chronic pain.

By addressing root causes, it may reduce healthcare costs over time while providing patients with greater satisfaction and control over their health.

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