GP Phone Consultations

COVID-19 Measure: phone consultations

Are GP Phone Consultations the new normal?

The current situation with COVID-19 was (and still is to an extent) an unprecedented disruption to society and our way of life. The highly contagious disease shut down entire economies and brought major change to families, the way we communicate and human relationships in general.

Vitalia Healthcare continues the option for you to have a GP Phone Consultation.

The World Health Organisation has released information explaining that the simple action of washing our hands and self-isolating can go a long way to stopping COVID-19 and other diseases such as the flu, in its tracks. We need to minimise the chance of cross-contamination and be vigilant in maintaining our health.

Telehealth services enable doctors to minimise contact with potential infected patients while ensuring that patients have access to GP services.

Book your phone consult either online through Health Engine or by calling the medical centre. Your doctor will then call you back to discuss your health care needs.

Please note as of the 9th October 2023, due to the new Medicare changes around patient consent all telephone consults will now be privately billed.  If you are normally bulk billed for these consults due to having a concession card or are a patient aged under 17 years, then you will be charged only the Medicare rebate.  In other words, you will get back 100% of your payment from Medicare.  This only applies to patients with a valid Medicare card.

GP Phone Consultations at Vitalia Healthcare clinic
Call us on (08) 6559 4788 to arrange a GP phone consultation

This service is not only limited to normal consults, patients can now access chronic disease management and mental health item numbers as well.

Don't forget to wash your hands...

What does this mean for the patient?

If a patient is eligible and has signs of a chronic disease such as arthritis, asthma, back pain, cancercardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes or mental health conditions. Depending on their prognosis they can now access the following over the phone:

Do I need to pay for GP Phone Consultations ?

If you have one of the following there will be either a gap or no out of pocket expenses:​

What do I do next?

We at Vitalia Healthcare want to help you. Book online here for an initial phone consult so the doctor can assess if you are eligible.

If you are eligible a subsequent phone consult will be booked with the doctor to complete the applicable plan.

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