Pre-Employment Medicals

Vitalia Healthcare offers workplace pre-employment medicals tailored to your employment needs. Our doctors are specialists in occupational medicine and have completed additional training in the field of occupational and environmental medicine. Our doctors have a detailed understanding of work function and capacity to ensure the right physical fit for the job. Most pre-employment examinations are on the same day (unless confirmatory tests are required).

Spirometry (Lung Function Tests) and ECGs

Lung function tests such as spirometry are used to assess your lung capacity before, during and after employment to ensure that your lung health has not been affected by your workplace. Electrocardiographs (ECGs) can assess your heart rhythm and heart size as part of any medical assessment. The test performed by our experienced nursing staff and our doctors will be able to interpret the results immediately. 

Functional Capacity Assessments 

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs) are often conducted to ensure that an employee is able to safely perform the physical demands of their role. These assessments are designed to prevent workplace injuries and improve health and safety. A series of tests are often performed to assess your level of fitness, physical strength, range of movement, stamina, and lifting and carrying tolerances.

Fitness for Duty Assessments

A Fitness for Duty assessment is often conducted on employees to assess their ability to return to a specific role. An employer may require a worker to provide a clearance letter from their doctor to return to work. When this is completed by the treating doctor, who is unaware of the inherent job requirements, this may cause health and safety concerns for the worker upon return to work. A Fitness for Duty assessment performed by our specialist doctors is tailored to the individual with the aim of reducing workplace injury.

Independent Medico-Legal Opinions

IMEs are independent assessments undertaken by a medical practitioner to determine an employee’s work capacity, provide advice on treatment, prognosis and disability.


Our doctors are experienced in managing work related injures. We provide a collaborative approach in the management of your illness or injury, to ensure that you receive the most appropriate care and achieve the best outcomes.

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