Blocked ears can make you feel irritated and cause issues with hearing. The common cause of this is hard ear wax, which can easily become embedded in the ear, causing pain, balance upset and whistling hearing aids.

Ear wax production is an everyday process the body goes through. From time to time ear wax build up is caused by the ears self-cleaning mechanism not functioning and is one of the most common ear related conditions patients seeks medical care for today.

Historically, patients have generally had excessive ear wax or embedded ear wax removed using water syringing. While it is still common practice, doctors are cautious removing ear wax via syringing as it cannot be performed if that patient has a perforated ear drum, also it can be uncomfortable and messy sometimes.

Today there is alternative to using ear syringing and that is the process of Microsuction Ear Cleaning. 


Here at Vitalia Healthcare the trained GP’s use an advanced technological piece of equipment to remove the ear wax or foreign objects.  This process is less messy and uses a water-free alternative to removing earwax by sucking it out via gentle suction. 


The process of microsuction ear cleaning takes approximately 15-30 minutes. 


No the process is not painful.   The ear suction process can be noisy sometimes and at times you may feel some discomfort.   If during the process you feel dizzy or any pain, please let the doctor know immediately and the process will be stopped.


  1. A binocular device and suction is used by our trained GP’s to clean your ear canal and remove wax and is the same method used by ENT specialist doctors. You will sit in a chair and a small metal funnel will be placed gently in your ear canal to enhance the view.
  2. The GP will look through a binocular device fitted with a bright light to see inside your ear canal. Ear suction may be used at this stage to remove ear wax or objects from the ear canal. In cases of ear infection, cleaning of the ear canal will sometimes help improve healing. At all times the GP can see exactly what she is doing.

  • Ear suction is carried out with a small sucker attached to a low-pressure suction machine. The GP if needed may also use fine instruments (like tiny forceps or scoop) to help remove wax. Occasionally some dizziness may be experienced for a few seconds. If this occurs please inform the GP and they will stop the suction to allow the dizziness to settle.

Microsuction ear cleaning is safe, comfortable and an effective process for removing ear wax in patients over 10 years old that have any one of the following conditions:

  • Impacted wax 
  • Perforated Ear Drum 
  • Problems in the ear canal where syringing is unsuitable 
  • Previous ear surgery 
  • Narrow Ear Canals 
  • Curvy Ear Canals 
  • Hairy Ear Canals, and 
  • Wearers of hearing aids and ear plugs.

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